Tesla Divas - 3rd Meeting in Germany - St Goar (nearby Loreley)

26. September 2020 || 

Again, this event has been a big succes. Details to follow in due course.



For Tesla Divas only
Date:        Saturday, 26. September 2020
Time:       11 AM to 5 PM
Location: Burg Schlosshotel Rheinfels, Schloßberg 47, 56329 Sankt Goar, Germany
Participation Fee: 60€ per Person
Please consider, the participation of the event is for Tesla Divas only and not for the whole family. They might come with you but can spend their day in the beautiful surrounding area and explore the magic of the "Rhine Valley and the Loreley"
(There is a beautiful hiking trail right behind the castle where you can hike above the valley right to the opposite side of the Loreley).

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